Freitag, 19. September 2008

Day 4

Noémie, Sam and Juan listing everybody's life movement

Gabor working on his soundscape, see post

Hazuki telling about her journey - videointerview
with simultanious translation, including movement

Giacomo drawing his map of 24 years of movement

Personal maps of everyone, super imposed on a OH projector, 
become a common experience of migration

Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

Day 2

MAP about the voice from the world.
A soundscape of my journeys.
Click on the link to the soundfiles


Samstag, 13. September 2008


Hallo everybody, here we start our new project MAPS OF MIGRATION - let's see where it takes us. 
A step into open space, leaving tracks in life.

My ideas for the DANCE workshops in Sept. and Oct are to work on a dance media live installation project called  MAPS OF MIGRATION. It is based on thoughts on migration movements of bodies in open spaces, creating networks of communication for survival. 
Like migrants crossing the Sahara to reach paradise in Europe, the dancers will be asked to track their own itinerary of their biographies to reach their aim Dresden. These personal movement patterns of each one will be overlayed and used as movement pattern on stage for individual and group movement sequences. Videoimages of the dancers will be included in the performance,  kind of interviews about their motivations, determination and frustration to reach their goal, possible short clips of dance and documentary material of other movements of migration.
'Shifting networks of communication' will be the subtext of this project.

We will use an interactive video software called Korsakov which I would ask the students to download and study befor the workshop begins.

Please start already to draw your own MAP OF LIFE, starting from the place where you are born including tall the places where you have lived (longer than for a holiday) till now in Dresden. Study as well google maps and how to create personal maps including foto and video. Put emphasis on the emotional impact of each part of the journey, why you left, the price you payed, what you hoped for, what you got when you arrived where you wanted to be etc.

This is an open project and I do not know where we will end up exactly. That's what I like.
My idea is a final live performance at the end of the DANCE programm, including dance and live  images - mixed by the audience to create a non predictable improvisation structure.